About Me

Some Answers About Me

I'm User Interface & Interaction Designer from Turkey and creating functional, usable, clean interfaces for Mobile/Web platforms.

Hi, I'm Fatih. In 2005, I began as a Freelance Web Designer and I have worked on a lot of Web projects. As for that in 2007 I created "Xhtml Kitchen" as one of its co-founders while I presented development service for a lot of brand and project with my business partners.

And now, I'm working with Unicrow, serves towards Web and Mobile platforms, as a co-founder which we established in Trabzon, Turkey.

Apart from my working hours, in my spare times I read books, (especially novels) and playing guitar (let's say that learning how to play guitar).

As well as my forthcoming aims, I hope to learn and have more experience about Icon Design, Typography and User Experience Design Theory.

Me at the Ataturk Kosku, Trabzon, Turkey

Tools of The Trade

In my design projects I usually start with creating the sketch on paper, then I create the final designs with the application called Sketch.

The tools that I'm using for interactive design are changing from time to time (before of them I used Keynote, Invision and Principle) and now I'm using the Flinto which is my favorite.

Beside the Atom Editor, I use SASS/Bourbon/Neat for Front-End Development.


I designed this Website using Sketch app. In this design, I used two different eximious font called Affogato and Nunito over Google Web Font. I created some icon fonts with Fontello in the design of this site.

While I was creating this design with HTML5/CSS3, using SASS, Bourbon and Neat I developed with the approachment of "Responsive Web Design".

For Content Management System, I used Jekyll and I provide my Website to take shelter on GitHub Pages.


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